forestry sciences laboratory | USFS/PNW

forestry sciences laboratory  |  USFS/PNW

The Pacific Northwest Research Station/Forestry Sciences Laboratory, located on the Oregon State University (OSU) campus, is owned and operated by the US Forest Services (USFS). The building houses the USFS Siuslaw National Forest Headquarters, including administrative offices, research and development laboratories and conference areas. The project consists of a 7,500 square foot renovation to the existing 45,000 square foot laboratory building....

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chinese reconciliation park | city of tacoma

chinese reconciliation park  |  city of tacoma

The City of Tacoma’s sister city, Fuzhou, capital city of Fuzhou Province, Republic of China, presented Tacoma with a full size commemorative pavilion (ting) to be constructed as a centerpiece for Tacoma’s Chinese Reconciliation Park, situated along the south shore of Commencement Bay. Accompanied by three Fuzhou artisans and their interpreter, the shipping containers arrived from China at the Port of Tacoma in the spring of 2010. In the...

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