crc entry court amphitheater | evergreen state college

crc entry court amphitheater  |  evergreen state college

The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington asked Rolluda Architects to develop ideas for an under-used, difficult to maintain grassy bowl at the entry court to the College Recreation Center (CRC). The final design transforms the bowl into amphitheater seating for college gatherings such as movies, equipment demonstration, and music and theater performances.

Outdoor seating, consisting of pervious concrete tiers with concrete stem walls and footings, concrete steps, and Ipe wood benches, will be constructed. The existing accessible ramp will be removed.

A new inclined walkway will be constructed to meet accessibility standards.

The grass areas will be re-graded to a 20% slope to facilitate maintenance. Design and reconfiguration of the irrigation system is necessary for new below-grade drainage.

“The amphitheater has been widely used as a casual space these past couple weeks. This week, we’ve seen entire classes move out into the space to use it…I held a meeting there yesterday. This truly was a good move. Great project!”

—Andrew Beattie, Assistant Director for Operations TESC