forestry sciences laboratory | USFS/PNW

forestry sciences laboratory  |  USFS/PNW

The Pacific Northwest Research Station/Forestry Sciences Laboratory, located on the Oregon State University (OSU) campus, is owned and operated by the US Forest Services (USFS). The building houses the USFS Siuslaw National Forest Headquarters, including administrative offices, research and development laboratories and conference areas.

The project consists of a 7,500 square foot renovation to the existing 45,000 square foot laboratory building. A 17,000 square foot wing was demolished and 8,000 square feet of administrative offices and conference spaces were added. The building entry was also reconfigured and wayfinding was improved.

Rolluda Architects facilitated interactive programming workshops with the various users, USFS project team and OSU Facilities to determine what their priorities were. During the design phase, a strong emphasis was placed on frequent communication with the many stakeholders to ensure the evolving design met their objectives. We provided 3D graphics and virtual walk-through animations to help them to visualize the space.

The project was completed in 2012 and is under review for LEED Silver certification. One of the client’s goals was for the building to be a showcase for sustainable design with a special emphasis on wood products. We used sustainable timber for the primary structural and aesthetic features. The design also incorporates a green roof, landscaping with native, drought-resistant plants and trees, and a rainfall runoff recapture system for dry season watering. Recovered materials were used in the renovation and addition, including tongue and groove soffit, wood paneling, doors and modular furniture.
[Photos by:  Jeff Amram Photography]