St. Edward School 8th Graders Visit UW | College of Architecture, Suzzallo Library and the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (11.21.16)

On November 21, 2016, the South Seattle based St. Edward School 8th graders visited the University of Washington College of Architecture, Suzzallo Library and the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center.  This is through the AIA Seattle Chapter Diversity Round Table, Architects in School Program which Alex Rolluda is involved in.  The focus of the program is to provide exposure, guidance and awareness to young minority students to the design profession to hopefully encourage and inspire them to follow the career of Architecture.  The team of Architects visit the school twice a month and engage in exercises, lectures, site visits, with the culmination being a project for the school.






























Rolluda Architects presents at Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Lightrail Open House | City of Shoreline (11.16.16)

Sound Transit hosted three public meetings in November 2016 to present the latest designs for three of the Lynnwood Link light rail extension stations.

RAI represented on November 16th and presented the NE 185th station design with Kathi Williams and Christine Scherrer at Shoreline City Hall.  The 30 percent design open house in Shoreline offered a chance for the community to provide feedback on station designs, station names, public art and other station-related projects.
















Seattle Design Festival Block Party Installation 2016 | the house of [ex]CHANGE (06.29.16)

SDF Rumble 2 Presentation:
The house of [ex]CHANGE SDF Rumble 2 Presentation

RAI has assembled a team of dedicated and creative design professionals to volunteer their time and expertise towards the 2016 Seattle Design Festival Block Party, taking place in Occidental Square in Pioneer Square on September 10th and 11th, 2016.

Rolluda Architects believes that good design should enhance the environment, the community and ultimately improve people’s lives. RAI has been part of the Pioneer Square community since 1996 and has seen the transformation and change the neighborhood has gone through over the last 20 years. RAI feels strongly that one of the biggest issues facing Seattle is the increasing homelessness given the lack of affordable housing and increasing economic inequality. The firm feels that the homeless shelters projects are very impactful, but this is just a small part of the solution. As a first step, the firm will create a space of awareness and compassion through participation/interaction/connection between the homeless and “homeplus”.

The installation itself will be a lightweight interactive wood frame structure that promotes breaking down social barriers in our community. RAI anticipates using the entire 10′ x 10′ footprint allocated for the program or installation in Occidental Square. This could include translucent and reflective surfaces that encourage self/community reflection.






Notkin Engineering Playing Card Event 2016 (02.25.16)

Rolluda Joker Card Submission:
Notkin Engineering Playing Card Event – Joker Card Submission 2016

On Thursday, February 25th 2016, the Rolluda Family congregated at Benaroya Hall with 53 other prestigious Pacific Northwest Design Firms to present their Joker Card interpretation as part of the Notkin Playing Card Event 2016. This event is hosted by Notkin Engineering, occurs only once every 25 years, and includes 54 firms, all randomly assigned one card from a playing deck to re-imagine graphically. RAI received the Joker Card, and the design team was lead by Christina Ciampa, Donn Stone, Eric Cranston, Maryam Alaeddini, Juan Calaf and Tara Augustad.

Joker Card Process Description:

RAI’s design philosophy emphasizes collaboration and active participation of every member of the design team. When Notkin Engineering announced that we received the Joker card as our assignment, we felt honored to wear the jester hat and tell the story of unique and entertaining architecture of the Pacific Northwest. We began with examining the history of the Joker through “originating in the US during its Civil War, the card is unique in that it lacks an industry-wide standard appearance. Created as a trump card…it may function as a wild card.” 

Donn believed that there were many allusory opportunities here. Eric, Maryam, Juan and Christina reflected on some unique architectural pieces of the Pacific Northwest, noting the Hat and Boot of Oxbow park (formerly a gas station restroom), the Twin Tee-pee’s of Aurora Ave, the “Blob” of Queen Anne which cycled through various business owners, and finally the iconic signage of the Elephant Car Wash on Denny Way. Ivar Haglund became the face of the Rolluda card given his silly penchant for feeding the seagulls. Finally, we layered various Joker-esque images to create the final wild card!


















Juan Calaf on Panel for Rose Center for Public Leadership in Denver, CO (02.22.16 – 02.25.16)

Rose Center for Public Leadership
Rose Center Presentation

Juan Calaf, Project Designer at Rolluda Architects, was recently invited to be part of a panel for the Rose Center for Public Leadership in Denver, CO. The panel served as an advisory group to the City of Denver’s Mayor Hancock and his team. The goal of the panel was to focus on how the city can catalyze new private investment and redevelopment opportunities along the West Colfax neighborhood which is within a transit-oriented development (TOD) corridor but hasn’t had much success since it began a few years back. The Rose Center invited a diverse group of professionals across the country to be part of the advisory sessions with the City. The group consisted of architects, developers, development consultants, finance experts, policy advisors and land use experts in the 13 person collaborative. The panel was co-chaired by Andre Brumfield, director of planning and urban design at Gensler’s Chicago office; and NYC-based Kate Collignon, managing partner at HR&A.

West Colfax is an important and historic Denver Street connecting the communities from the west-side to the lively central downtown Denver. West Colfax and the areas around it—and underneath its 1.25-mile viaduct segment—continue to struggle to attract new investment and serve the needs of the adjacent neighborhoods. So, the main question guiding the discussions was “How can Denver attract new development to West Colfax that will support residents and businesses and enhance the unique identity of the corridor?”
















Alex Rolluda Keynote Speaker at the AFEW (American-Filipino Engineers of Washington) Gala (11.20.15)

Alex was selected as the keynote speaker for the 22nd Anniversary Celebration of the Association of Filipino-American Engineers of Washington. Alex reflected on “lessons learned” through his experience as a business owner, and the firm’s bright future ahead.

AFEW is a local organization in the State of Washington that promotes camaraderie and teamwork among fellow professionals. The goal is to integrate experience and expertise in the realm of engineering and technology into supporting their community and throughout the different parts of the world.




NOAA Features Rolluda Architects Pre-design Charette in Company Newsletter (11.17.15)



NOAA Stormwater Management Charette

On November 17th, a pre-design charrette was conducted by Rolluda Architects to begin concept development for a pilot project to better manage storm water at WRC. This initiative was funded by a Green Grant that was matched by OCAO. This important environmental initiative will address improvements to WRC storm water systems, reduce surface water utility fees imposed by the City of Seattle, and augment efforts to restore shoreline along the campus.  Improved water quality and shoreline manage- ment are part of the larger effort to implement sustainable business practices at WRC.







Philippines Business Mission Forum – The Philippines Economy (10.23.15)


Hosted by:
Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest
Greater Seattle Trade Development Alliance
Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Sponsors:With support from:
Washington State Department of Commerce
National Center for APEC
Puget Sound Regional Council

The Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC
The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco
Western Union
Roli and Imee Hebron
Farrow U.S.



The Economy of the Philippines is the 39th largest in the world according to 2014 International Monetary Fund (IMF) statistics, as well as one of the emerging markets. The Philippines is considered a newly industrialized country which has been transitioning from one based on agriculture to one based more on services and manufacturing. In 2014, the GDP by purchasing power parity was estimated to be at $692 billion. The population of the Philippines is about 110 millions; majority of which are highly educated and well spoken English.















American Institute of Architects Women’s Leadership Summit
Seattle, WA (09.17.15 – 09.19.15)  [AIA 2015 Women's Leadership Summit - Seattle, WA]

The 2015 AIA Women’s Leadership Summit was held in Seattle, WA this autumn.  Project Designer, Tara Augustad of Rolluda Architects attended the fourth biennial event with the theme, “Celebrating Women Leaders: Creating Cultural Change.”

The two day Summit celebrated the various ways women have attained leadership positions in the design profession. The forum was centered around the concepts of exchanging information and creating a dialogue to explore design, partnership and sustainability.  RAI prides itself on the contributions of their diverse team, and through their participation in the Women’s Leadership Summit, they enhanced their abilities to bring all perspectives to fruition for the sake of innovative design.



University of Washington’s new Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

The Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC), at the University of Washington, drew administrators, faculty, and architects from Kansas State University this week. The ECC was selected by their team as a facility they envision for their proposed new multicultural student center to be both in design and function.
Alex Rolluda, of Rolluda Architects, principal in charge of the planning and design for the UW ECC, joined Dr. Marisa Herrera, ECC’s Director, and her staff, in sharing the ECC story and how it came to be…the conversations, the thoughts and dreams that made this facility a beacon, in so many ways, to the nation and beyond.
Alex shared the ECC’s planning and design process to the UK team, from the initial programming, working jointly with the ECC and its diverse student groups in bringing the history and culture of the original center into the new and taking the building from concept to reality.The KSU team was inspired by ECC’s story in how the Center became a reality and how its design creates open, welcoming spaces where students of all ethnicity can see and be seen, interrelate, and collaborate, and where staff can mentor, teach and integrate with students to become future leaders.



Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest (FCCPNW) Golf Tournament
Willows Run Golf Course (08.24.14)  [FCCPNW]

The Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest (FCCPNW) held its annual golf tournament at Willows Run Golf Course in Redmond, Washington. Team Rolluda Architects came away with the win…by one stroke! The team included Alex Rolluda (RAI), Ed Claxton (CenturyLink, Nick Chou (Edmonds School District), and Steve Murakami (Tacoma School District). In addition to winning the tournament, Nick had a hole-in-one and Ed won the Longest Drive award.



Developing Pike Place Market: An Intersection of Preservation and Urban Design
Speaker: Alex Rolluda, AIA | NCARB (05.29.14)  [AIA Seattle]

The Historic Resources Committee and the Urban Design Forum of AIA Seattle will host a forum to present the latest development plans for the PC1 North site in the Pike Place Market Historic District. Come see the latest design for the project and hear about the design challenges of new development in a historic district. The session will also touch on issues of cultural sensitivity and landscape preservation. Representatives will present relevant issues from each perspective followed by a facilitated discussion with the participants. This is intended to be an educational and informational session for AIA members but is open to other registered participants as well. [image courtesy of the Miller Hull Group]


Diversity Roundtable Solstice Celebration: Diversity by Design
Reception (06.14.13)  [AIA Seattle]

The AIA Seattle Diversity Roundtable invited individual architects and architecture firms from the Seattle area to submit their work as part of an exhibit of completed or in-process projects expressing the theme Diversity by Design. The exhibit will be mounted at various locations throughout 2013 and 2014, possibly including the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Conference in Vancouver, select Northwest schools of architecture, and the AIA 2014 Convention.

The exhibit will highlight individuals and businesses whose work in architecture reflects the inclusive spirit that has energized the Roundtable since its origins more than 25 years ago as honored by the AIA’s national Diversity Recognition in 2010, with the intention of encouraging current and future generations to explore and manifest the power of diversity in their design careers.

As part of the Roundtable’s 2013 Summer Solstice celebration at the UW Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC), Alex Rolluda, presented Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange, chief diversity officer of the University of Washington’s Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMA&D) with a framed poster honoring Benjamin F. McAdoo, Jr., first African American to receive his architecture degree from the University of Washington (BArch 1946) and the first to operate an independent architecture practice in Washington.


University of Washington’s new Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center
Grand Opening reception (01.10.13)