Robert Hale, AIA

Robert Hale, AIAPrincipal

“Looking back on my career, the projects of which I am most proud and that have been most satisfying are the ones that created design or preservation, award-winning, affordable housing and communities while restoring derelict buildings.”

Bob was born in Seattle and raised about a half hour north of Seattle in Mukilteo. At a young age, Bob was impressed by his uncle Fred, who studied architecture at Yale and could never escape drawing pictures for the kids when they would get together. Bob knew he wanted to be an architect by the time he was in junior high school.

Bob is very pleased to join forces with Rolluda Architects. He was a partner at Kovalenko Hale Architects and worked with partner Bob Kovalenko for 35 years until he announced his retirement in early 2014. Kovalenko Hale Architects specialized in historic preservation and restoration projects, private and non-profit mixed-use, multi-family and special needs housing projects and university residence halls.

Alex Rolluda and Bob have known each other and worked on a number of projects over the years, most recently the ID Village Square and FCS Village projects. Bob is confident his Kovalenko Hale clients will benefit from this new partnership, allowing the firm to expand the capacity, depth and breadth of the design services we can offer. Bob is very impressed with the great group of friendly and talented people at Rolluda Architects and the high level of sophistication, including sustainable design, building information modeling, programing, marketing and business management.

Bob has lived on Capitol Hill for many years. He is passionate about the outdoors including biking, skiing and backpacking, especially with his two brothers and his son and daughter. Bob’s daughter is a fine artist and his son is a college soccer player.