Garriy Krigel


“People said I lacked courtesy. But I was only pointing out things that are fundamental.” – Le Corbusier

“Specialists are people who always repeat the same mistakes.” – Walter Gropius

Garriy was born on Cosmonautics Day in Minsk, Belarus in the former USSR. He studied at High School #6 and graduated from the Belarus National Polytechnic Academy’s School of Architecture in Minsk. He earned his Master of Science after many continuing education classes and professional courses at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland.

Garriy was a successful lead architect at the BelTech Project, where he was a winner of several architectural in-house competitions as well as competitions at the level of the Republic of Belarus. His projects were mentioned in local newspapers and magazines for design bookstores and offices of publishing companies. Some of these projects can be viewed in his online portfolio.

Garriy is comfortable in all aspects of design including architectural, interior, signage, furniture, and exhibition. His experience, education, engineering mind frame, and common sense allow him to work on different types of design tasks. He is comfortable advising clients on risks (design, quality, constructability, completion, schedule, costs, etc.) as well as working on projects of various types, sizes, and complexities.

Garriy’s experience encompasses a broad range of disciplines including architecture, interior design, design-build, international design, and energy-saving and modular design solutions for multifamily and private residence projects, coffee shops, major retail stores, tentant improvements, and zoos.  He is proficient in AutoCAD, hand drafting and drawing, and 3-D freehand color sketching.  He is currently working on the Seattle Public Schools’ Repurposing Classrooms project at West Seattle and Lawton High Schools.

Garriy’s hobbies include reading, traveling, sketching cartoons, working with clay and wire sculpture, stamp and coin collecting, weight lifting, writing poetry, and telling jokes.  He loves strong coffee and strong tea.