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Houri Beheshtifar


Houri was born in Iran, in a city named Isfahan, famous for its great architectural monuments from the 16th century. These were Houri’s major motivation for choosing architecture as her career.

Houri earned her Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Idaho. She earned a Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering and an Associate degree in Civil Engineering from Najafabad University in Iran.

With three years of work experience in these fields, Houri joined Rolluda Architects in March 2019. She loves to create spaces that provide balance between people’s lifestyles and the environment.

Houri is working on projects at Mount Baker Senior High School for Mount Baker School District, Haller Lake Vehicle Maintenance Building for the City of Seattle, Seattle City Light's SSC Building B Fire and Life Safety Study, the Ethiopian Community Center Parklet, and Housing Demolition for Schuyleman .

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