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Jasmine Seaman

Administrative Coordinator

Jasmine Anne Pineda Seaman is a Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines. She graduated from Central Philippines University with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism. She has over 12 years of broad administrative and project coordination experience in the architecture and general business fields, across the US and Southeast Asia. She joined Rolluda Architects in 2018 as the administrative coordinator where she is involved in a wide range of administrative- and project-related roles including specification writing, drafting contracts, project & construction administration support, and project billings. Jasmine also provides support to the marketing, accounting, payroll, human resources, and IT departments with a variety of administrative and coordination roles.


Jasmine is passionate about learning as much as she can wherever she goes. She is multilingual—fluent in Tagalog, Hiligaynon, and English; and some knowledge of Bisayan and Bahasa Indonesia. In her spare time, she loves swimming and cross-stitching.

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