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Mia Ho


"Architecture enchanted me when I was seven or eight after I made my very first model house in an arts and crafts class at the elementary school. My enthusiasm for architecture led me to cross academic boundaries from humanities to engineering, and cross continents from Asia (Taiwan) to America. For me, architecture is the ultimate integrity of arts and technology to be created, an expressive form of culture and humanity to be preserved. Living in the fascinating field of architecture requires a lifelong imagination, exploration, and learning."


While taking her Ph.D. in Build Environment from the University of WA, before graduating in June 2022, Mia was an Instructor and Teaching Assistant at the same university. She had 10 years of experience as a preservation architect/specialist in New Jersey and New York working at companies like Walter B. Melvin Architects, Stephen Tilly, and Historic Building Architects. She has earned multiple of master’s degrees: one in Art History from the National Taiwan University, and another one in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania. These are all in addition to her bachelor’s degree in Architecture, which she earned at Tamkang University, Taiwan.


Mia is very passionate about architecture and design work. She gives 100% to all that she loves, be it architecture or her other interests such as ballroom dancing, taking care of pets, cooking Chinese cuisine, and traveling to different countries, amongst other things.

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