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Pranali Shah


“The most important things are experience, the rasa, which is the subtle experience of the space that makes the space memorable.” - Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi

Pranali is a registered architect in India. She practiced earthen architecture in the high altitude cold desert of Ladakh, India for two years, then moved back to her home city Mumbai to work on high-end residential projects. After moving to Seattle, Pranali worked on single-family residential projects and became part of the Rolluda family in April 2022.


Over the years, the role of an ‘architect’ has acquired a significantly broader meaning in her life. It accommodates aesthetic designs, inquisition, anthropology, craftsmanship, and most importantly, an acute awareness of the state of our planet and the need to question the idea of development. Through Pranali's work and broader engagements, she strives to create sustainable ecosystems at the intersection of design, society, and climate change. 

She is currently working on SPS Eckstein Middle School, SPS Schmitz Park Elementary School, and Sacred Medicine House projects.


Pranali enjoys hiking, cooking, and exploring old towns.

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