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South Transfer Station

seattle public utilities

The project involves the development of seven new facilities on a Seattle Public Utility-owned closed-landfill site totaling 11 acres in size, which will support the nearby SPU Transfer Station built in 2014. RAI is the Architectural Designer for the City of Seattle SPU project. The project is one of only two facilities serving the public as well as commercial haulers with a location to bring recyclable materials prior to their being transferred to a recycling facility or landfill. The site will have 100,000 sf of structures including Recycling & Reuse Facility (15,000 sf), Dewatering and Decant Facility (MRF), and other associated structures. Master Planning was concluded in February 2017 with the project currently in the design phase. Using Revit 3D modeling, we conducted a graphic analysis of all facilities and their impact to site layout and density. We are using Revit 3D modeling to develop and design the structures for summer 2019 permitting.

Rolluda Architects is a subconsultant under HDR, and RAI is the Architectural Design Lead. RAI led the programming which involved a complex network of consultants, client, and stakeholder interactions. The programming information was gathered and transmitted into both graphic and analytic forms, then reiterated in the stakeholder community outreach.

The complex project involves the development of more than (11) new utility facilities on an SPU-owned closed landfill site about 11 acres in size. RAI provided two schematic design options for the layout of the Grafiti Ranger and Illegal Dumping Support Facility on the site, along with space allocations and floor plans. Pros and cons were provided, along with costs for this facility to be integrated. The building requires approximately 900 net sf of office tenant space and 700 sf of operational area (locker rooms and storage). The operation requires parking for a minimum of (6) field ops trucks and parking for a staff of 11. Using 3D modeling, RAI conducted a graphic analysis of all eleven facilities and their impact to site layout and density.

Type: Municipal                                                 Client: City of Seattle Public Utilities

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Susan Neaton

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