transportation center | university of washington

transportation center  |  university of washington

This new 2-story, 12,000 square foot Transportation Center consists of new offices and a public lobby for the University of Washington’s Transportation Services department. The facility consolidates six departments previously spread across campus to meet the University’s evolving needs.

Rolluda Architects was selected to review and revise the existing program prior to design. Focusing on the current and future needs of the organization, workshops were conducted with the various user groups and a new program created for the facility. The goals for the project were incorporated into the design—flexible offices, adaptability and sustainability.

Energy-efficient HVAC systems, natural light and ventilation, exterior sun shades and options for modular, moveable walls and furniture were integrated, as well as sustainable site elements. LEED principles were incorporated from the beginning of the process in order to meet the University’s goal for achieving a LEED-CI Platinum rating. The project has received this rating and was certified in 2012, the first campus project to achieve this.

photo ©2010 Francis Zera Photography