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Type: Community                                               Location: Seattle, WA                                        


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House of [ex]CHANGE

2016 seattle design festival

RAI assembled a team of dedicated and creative design professionals to volunteer their time and expertise for the 2016 Seattle Design Festival Block Party. The event took place in Occidental Square on September 10th and 11th, 2016.

Rolluda Architects believes that good design should enhance the environment, the community, and ultimately improve people’s lives. RAI has been part of the Pioneer Square community since 1996 and has seen the transformation of the neighborhood over the last 20 years. RAI feels strongly that one of the biggest issues facing Seattle is the increase in homelessness, due in part to a lack of affordable housing and increasing economic inequality.


The firm feels that the homeless shelter projects have an important impact, but they are just one part of the solution. As a first step,

the firm will create a space of awareness and compassion through participation/interaction/connection between the homeless and “homeplus” populations.

The installation itself is a lightweight interactive wood frame structure that promotes breaking down social barriers in our community. RAI used the entire 10′ x 10′ footprint allocated for the program or installation in Occidental Square, including translucent and reflective surfaces that encourage self/community reflection.

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