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2018 seattle design festival

RAI assembled a team of dedicated and creative design professionals to volunteer their time and expertise for the 2018 Seattle Design Festival Block Party. Forma Construction partnered with RAI to construct and install the submission. The theme of the design festival was TRUST. Trust is a byproduct of a willingness to be vulnerable. Translating trust into vulnerable expression is what we call a game changer.

The four sides of the work marry trust with the core values we hold dear at Rolluda Architects. Integrity, diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility are values that flourish best with trust at “heart”. The four values are presented as an evolving “trail of crumbs” illustrating each individual’s relationship with trust. “I wish, I am, I give, I believe”, on display for everyone to see and/or reciprocate.

Bright colors and interactive surfaces, reminiscent of child activity walls, lower inhibitions and allow for enough vulnerability to find a new perspective. This work facilitates interaction in a playful way where reaching out is rewarded by support, understanding, and trust.  


Type: Community                                               Location: Seattle, WA                                        


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