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Type: Community                                               Location: Seattle, WA                                        


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2019 seattle design festival

RAI assembled a team of dedicated and creative design professionals to volunteer their time and expertise for the 2019 Seattle Design Festival at South Lake Union. Marpac Construction and Crisp Imaging partnered with RAI to construct and install the submission. The theme of the design festival was BALANCE.

Why is design important for us to achieve balance as individuals and communities?

As visitors interact in and around the exhibit, they will exchange shared values like diversity, social responsibility, integrity, quality, community, and service to achieve a sense of balance. We welcome other values to be considered and added in a collaborative and inclusive way that will help expand and open up the exhibit centered on respect for one another. Our hope is that by design—symbiotic relationships can form and support a better understanding of the built environment while inspiring us to work for a world in balance.

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