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Oasis of Curiosity
2023 seattle design festival

Rolluda Architects, BNBuilders, and ABC Imaging presented our installation to draw the community to the “Oasis of Curiosity.” The installation manifests an accessible, playful environment for exploration and expanding understanding in our community. Using bright colorful graphics and playful bubbles to draw visitors to our exhibit, we wanted to use QR Codes with audio and visual aid links to allow all visitors the chance to engage with our exhibit.  Through site-centric view stations, interactive bubbles, and ‘cubes of curiosity,’ we proposed a varied setting for play, engagement, and release of pre-conceived ideas. The pavilion was designed to be a living, changeable creation with elements that the attendees could re-organize and inhabit over the course of the event. Critically, we used safely upcycled and recycled materials from local construction projects to open up curiosity about the construction industry, disposability, and waste. We wanted to stimulate thought and understand the things that the City of Seattle is and can be doing in the community, for the environment to create a better place for everyone. 


The fun and relaxing vibes of our oasis provided a place to gather and share each other’s experiences. An oasis of curiosity—once you arrive, you never want to leave. 

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Type: Community                                               Location: Seattle, WA                                        


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