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Aurora Village Transit Center

king county metro

Architectural services were provided as a sub-consultant to SvR Design Co. The design scope included all phases of design and construction assistance, the design of the supervisor’s office/driver’s restroom and vending shelter/future paratransit office. Project responsibilities included oversight of the following various disciplines: structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, and coordination with the artists.


The Transit Center reopened in 2002 with 12 bus bays, covered and lighted waiting areas with seating, bicycle racks, and other onsite amenities. One of the most innovative features is a bus bay dedicated exclusively for paratransit service, so that disabled riders have a safe, centralized location for transferring from one vehicle to another.


The project incorporates artwork by Northwest artist Stuart Nakamura into several safety features at the Aurora Village Transit Center. Nakamura’s artwork not only retells the Southern Puget Salish myth of Raven and Pheasant, but also enhances the safety and security here at the transit center. The laser-cut railings improve pedestrian safety, and the etched glasswork deters graffiti.

Type: Transportation                                          Client: King County Metro

Location: Settle, WA                                          Project Lead: Rich Murakami (while at Arai Jackson                                                                                                                                Ellison Murakami)

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