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Fire Station No. 6

city of bellingham

The 9,000 square foot, one-story neighborhood station is located on an approximate one-acre site in the northern part of the city. The facility has three apparatus bays, dorms for a crew of six, living quarters, fitness facility, mechanical mezzanine, and administrative areas.

Working within a strict budget, the design incorporates traditional building components in a manner to produce a simple form that has civic presence and aesthetic interest. Workshops with fire fighters and administration created a user-friendly, yet efficient emergency facility.

The simple, compact form afforded the client their desired brick-masonry exterior, which imparts on a civic permanence.

Type: Public Safety                                            Client: City of Bellingham

Location: Bellingham, WA                                 Project Lead: Rich Murakami (while at Arai Jackson                                                                                                                                Ellison Murakami)

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