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Bellevue Technology Center
the boeing company

Rolluda Architects designed 250,00 sf of new offices on five floors of Buildings 33-01, 33-05, and 33-11 of Boeing's Technology Campus in Bellevue. The new offices include administrative, conference and lab spaces, as well as communications center and storage areas. Several large and small conference and training rooms accommodate groups of 5 to 70 people.

The renovation combined Boeing's Lean Office standards with the needs of building occupants. We designed the space to accommodate the frequent changes to the programmatic needs of Boeing and the departments served by the buildings. The space is designed with modular walls, and systems office furniture for easy and cost- and resource-efficient reconfiguration. Much of the furniture for the office was removed from other facilities. All flooring is recycled and recyclable. Mechanical systems are energy-efficient while ensuring user comfort. Daylighting is maximized with low cubicle walls and relites. Natural light is augmented with a combination of overhead, task and accent lighting. We developed a lighting standard, limiting the different types of fixtures for ease of maintenance.

The result is a dynamic, high-quality environment with bold shapes and colors and a combination of private, semi-private, and public spaces. Break-out spaces support informal meetings and gatherings. Acoustically separated conference spaces are used for larger gatherings and training sessions.

Type: Commercial (Office)                                Client: The Boeing Company

Location: Bellevue, WA                                    Project Lead: Eric Cranston

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