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Cascadia Elementary School 

ferndale school district

This new 60,000 sf school serves over 500 students. It was designed to support the District’s current and future needs, including a wide range of teaching methodologies. The District’s goal was to limit class sizes, maintaining the 500 students, however, as many as 780 students can be accommodated. Each classroom is L-shaped to support group, one-on-one, and individual learning, projects, and activities. The 24 classrooms are grouped into four pods of six classrooms each with a shared commons area at the center of each pod. The classrooms are equipped with document-camera and voice-amplification equipment to ensure every student sees and hears the materials.

The school is equipped with a lock-down system for emergencies. A central open area is designed as a teaching space for school gatherings and for community use. A gym and multipurpose rooms and commons areas are available for after-hours use by the community, encouraging community involvement with the school. Operable walls between the gym, multipurpose and music rooms provide flexibility for one large or multiple small gatherings. A nearby music classroom provides greenroom space for performances.

The project has energy efficient systems, including 98% efficient heating and water heaters. Sensors dim lights during daylight hours, and turn off lights and heating in unoccupied spaces. Recycled, reusable and renewable materials were used throughout the building. The building itself is a teaching tool, with exposed structure, piping and ductwork color coded by function.

The project was awarded a National School Boards Association Jury Citation
in 2009.


Type: K-12 Schools                                            Client: Ferndale School District

Location: Ferndale, WA                                      Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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