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Various Roofing Projects

Rolluda Architects Inc. (RAI), in conjunction with Northwest Professional Roofing Services, provided construction documents for 17 roofing projects. RAI's role involved researching available background files from CenturyLink's drawing archives and interpreting and transcribing Northwest Roofing's field notes and photos to create base plans and details for the roof replacement projects. The central office roofs are built up roofs and the garages are single membrane roofs. Strict adherence to the CenturyLink roofing standards and details was required for the duration.

Below is a list of some of the CenturyLink locations where RAI has provided services:


  • Ridgefield Central Office, WA

  • Lake Oswego Central Office, OR

  • Lebanon Central Office, OR

  • Moses Lake Central Office, WA

  • Big Fork Central Office, MT

  • Seattle Main Office, WA

  • Greenfield Central Office, WA

  • Walnut Central Office, WA

  • Cherry Central Office, OR

  • Milwaukee Main Office, OR

  • Klamath Falls Central Office, OR

  • Coin Garage Main Office, WA

  • Butte Main Office, WA

  • Mercer Island Garage, WA

  • Greenbluff / Mead Central Office, OR

  • Merrill Central Office, OR

  • Friday Harbor Warehouse, WA

  • Woodburn Central Office, OR

Type: Industrial + Aerospace                              Client: CenturyLink

Location: WA, OR, MT                                         Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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