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Type: Municipal                                                 Client: City of Redmond

Location: Redmond, WA                                   Project Lead: Donn Stone

News / Press:

Wastewater Lift Station No. 13

city of redmond

Zoning and development changes to the contributing area for Wastewater Lift Station No. 13 (WWLS 13) resulted in an increase in the required pumping capacity from 675 gpm to 2,000 gpm. The increase in flow and the age of the existing submersible lift station required a replacement its entirety. Provided preliminary design, final design, bidding services, and currently providing architectural and engineering services during construction.

In addition to the lift station, modifications to the gravity collection system and design of a new discharge force main are included in the project. The force main discharge includes a new connection to a large diameter King County trunk sewer. The location posed several design and construction challenges, including high ground water table, depth of gravity sewer, prominent location within a redevelopment area, limited site area, accessibility for adjacent services during construction, and challenges with existing utilities.

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