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Type: Higher Ed + Housing                               Client: Central Washington University

Location: Ellensburg, WA                                  Project Lead: Robert Hale (while at Kovalenko Hale)

News / Press:

Kamola Hall

central washington university

Kamola Hall is a 55,700 square foot, three-story dormitory consisting of four wings. Two wings have an attic fourth floor. The original building was constructed in five phases from 1910–1920.


The renovation removed the entire inte­rior down to the basic structure, except for historic common lounge areas and existing stairs. By reclaiming and redesigning spaces, the bed count was increased from 191 to 250, with a variety of housing types that include suites with two to four bedrooms, and dorm rooms with a bathroom down the hall. The project included programming and pre-design to determine the construction budget.

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