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Riverfront Development Lift Stations

city of everett

The Everett Riverfront Development is a proposed mixed-use retail, commercial, and residential development on three properties including the former Everett Landfill Site, Simpson Paper Mill Site, and Eclipse Mill site. The team provided design for stormwater conveyance, sanitary sewage pumping and conveyance, and leachate control facilities to serve the proposed development. As part of the design effort, RAI designed three pump stations on the site:

  • LS-21, a 250 gpm duplex submersible pump station that conveys primarily landfill leachate.

  • LS-43, a 770 gpm, duplex, wetwell/drywell station that pumps sewage generated at the new development.

  • LS-33, a 2,600 gpm, 4-pump, wetwell/drywell station that pumps sewage from existing sources and the new development, leachate from the landfill, and a large stormwater contribution from offsite sources.

The projects offered unique design challenges including aesthetics, noise, and odor. Being surrounded by residential properties, RAI provided aesthetically pleasing designs and selected sound attenuated generators and odor control equipment to reduce sounds and eliminate odors.

Type: Municipal                                                 Client: City of Everett

Location: Everett, WA                                        Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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