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Filipino Community Village

human good | beacon development

Filipino Community Village, a mixed-use community center, opened its doors in July of 2021 with the completion of affordable and low-income housing and an Innovation Learning Center. The Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS) has served the Filipinx-American community and other immigrant groups for over 80 years throughout Seattle and surrounding communities—as far north as Shoreline and as far south as Tacoma.

Rolluda Architects provided a master plan for this new mixed-use development in the Othello neighborhood of Seattle. RAI engaged FCS constituents in programming and inclusive and interactive workshops, which kept them informed and provided them ownership of the process and the design. The workshops were tailored to the specific organizations and groups so that all voices were heard and all critical information was mined. The results of the collaborative programming and design efforts included a plaza for outdoor gathering, a (4) panel art mural painted by artist Eliseo Silva, large outdoor decks, and the incorporation of Capiz window panels from the Philippines in common spaces.

Construction of the project began in September 2019 and was completed in July 2021. With a budget of nearly $22 million for the housing and $1.2 million for the learning center, the project involved demoing existing houses, providing 95 units of senior housing, a 4,800 square foot learning center space, and parking for 22 cars. The final project cost was $24.1 million.

Supporting FCS’s vision to foster community and live healthier, the mixed-use Village provides a community center for social programs, affordable and low-income housing for seniors, individuals and families, and an Innovation Learning Center—a state-of-the art computer laboratory with adjacent Makers Space for a STEAM program, open to anyone needing access to computers and technical assistance. The multi-generational center “encourages all age groups to learn and grow together.” The mixed uses have incorporated sustainability principles in the design process and products, providing residents and users with a healthy environment.

The Filipino Community Village won 2nd place in the Affordable Housing category at the 2022 Senior Housing News Architecture & Design Awards (SHNA).



Community + Cultural + Housing                    Client: Human Good / Beacon Development

Location: Seattle, WA                                      Project Lead: Robert Hale

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