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Hamilton International Middle School 

seattle public schools

RAI provided predesign, programming, and schematic design for a complete renovation of this 1927 historic and landmarked school.

We led an inclusive programming process working with the school design team consisting of faculty, administrative, district and maintenance staff. Together we explored the needs and wants of each department, students, and the community. We led brainstorming and design exercises in small groups. Each group considered the parts of the school, such as the gym, cafeteria, classrooms and administration areas, and the ways in which programmatic departments in the school might function best in relation to one another and in relation to the site and the building. Each group produced a rough layout of the school building. We explored the commonalities between the layouts and developed a composite layout. The team then critiqued and refined the composite. 

RAI met with representatives of each academic department at the school, and with support and maintenance staff. Together we determined the uses, activities, users and square footage required for each space. We examined the required adjacencies for programs and areas. We combined the information from the interviews, the design team’s composite layout, the District’s organizational goals and school design standards, to create Educational Specifications for the renovation. 

Type: K-12 Schools                                           Client: Seattle Public Schools

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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