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Log Boom Park Restroom

city of kenmore

Located at the north end of Lake Washington shoreline, along the Burke Gilman Trail, Rich Murakami designed this restroom facility to fit within the constraints of this tight linear park. Given a limited budget, he was challenged to come up with an innovative design using non-traditional materials composed in a design appropriate for the City’s waterfront park. The design was voted “Best place to pee along the Burke Gilman Trail” by the Seattle Weekly.


Award: Seattle Weekly Best Place to Pee on Burke-Gilman Trail


     “Skylights, open clerestory windows, and wide entrances admit plenty
      of air and sun. The dark-shingled shoebox design is crisp and efficient”

     “It’s a clean, well-lighted place where you might expect to see Hemingway,
      or Mies, at the urinal next to you”

      — Brian Miller of Seattle Weekly

Type: Parks + Recreation                                  Client: City of Kenmore

Location: Kenmore, WA                                    Project Lead: Rich Murakami (while at Arai Jackson                                                                                                                                Ellison Murakami)

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