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Courthouse Historic Restoration

king county

As part of an on-call A/E contract with King County, Rolluda Architects, Inc. (RAI), was hired to study the conditions and provide documentation regarding exterior finishes and decorative elements of the Courthouse. Due to insensitive remodels to the building in the 1960’s, it was the County’s goal to restore this Landmark to its original 1916 historic appearance.

RAI provided detailed documentation for the existing conditions of the exterior—the windows, granite, terra cotta elements and brick veneer facade. We researched existing historical data on the courthouse building and the construction techniques used during the ‘1916’ era when the building was built.

After evaluation we presented approach options to the Owner based on current industry best practices. RAI assisted the Owner in determining the best option, one that met their objectives and goals, including maintaining and protecting the building’s historic integrity.

Type: Municipal                                                 Client: King County Facilities Management

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Alexander Clark

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