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Kamiakin & Evergreen Middle School Campus Projects | lake washington school district

Lake Washington School District is the second largest school district in Washington State. This progressive design build project entails optimizing the existing middle school campuses for current needs and future growth. Rolluda Architects, in partnership with Mithun and Lewis Construction, conducted programming workshops with the District and key stakeholders. Master Planning is currently taking place to look at different options with the school partially maintained (gym area) and an option having the existing school totally demoed. RAI is also analyzing whether the school will be occupied while under construction. The master plan and 50% schematic design documents will be utilized for the construction funding. 


Both campuses have existing buildings that are in operation. It was imperative to strategize different scenarios to keep the existing schools in operation, or portions of the existing schools in operation, while the new facilities were under construction. Through programming workshops with the school district programming team, we were able to learn that the community wanted the new facilities to provide after school hours programs open to the public. We also learned about how the community currently use the school grounds for local sporting events and as a neighborhood park asset, using the ballfields, track, and tennis courts.

Type: K-12 Schools                                            Client: Lake Washington School District

Location: Kirkland & Redmond, WA                  Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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