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Matt Purvis AIA, LEED®AP


“We depend on our surroundings obliquely to embody the moods and ideas we respect and then to remind us of them. We look to our buildings to hold us, like a kind of psychological mold, to a helpful vision of ourselves. We arrange around us material forms which communicate to us what we need — but are at constant risk of forgetting what we need — within.”     
– Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

Matt came of age in the suburbs north of Seattle during the post-grunge years. The Kingdome was likely the first building to stoke his curiosity for architecture. As it imploded in the spring of 2000 and its resident rats filtered out into the city, a void opened up in Matt’s psyche which he has been working to fill ever since.

Matt attended the University of Washington to study the arts and ecology, and eventually focused his attention on Architecture and Landscape Architecture. After graduating, he left Seattle for the quiet, mossy forests of the Olympic Peninsula where he worked against the elements on rural houses and off-the-grid cabins. But he soon found himself drawn back into academia, attending the University of British Columbia to complete his Masters in Architecture, focusing on social housing and public space.

Matt worked in residential architecture in Bangkok, Vancouver, and Seattle before joining Rolluda Architects in 2017 to pursue his interest in public architecture. Matt has come to understand Architecture as a public service that is informed by careful study of context,
and is manifest as a vehicle for its users’ physical and psychological needs.

Matt is now living in the suburbs not far from his childhood home, raising two young children with his wife. His spare time is spent perpetually redesigning his house, practicing yoga, and raising chickens, which he finds much easier than raising children.

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