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Matthew Budinger


Matthew has always marched to the beat of his own drum (his heart) and is inspired and driven to be creative and unique. He was born and raised in Petersburg, Alaska. He lived in Hilo, Hawaii for three and a half years and spent the past ten years in Utah. These three places represent three worlds with different cultures and climates. Each place has provided Matthew with unique personal experiences.


Matthew earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Utah (“Go Utes”) in 2014. His first professional experience in architecture was with Guil Rand and Architectural Coalition. Working with Guil and Architectural Coalition provided Matthew with a great base and foundation for architecture and drafting. 


After ten years in Utah, Matthew decided he needed a change and thus made his way to the Pacific Northwest. Matthew is grateful to Rolluda Architects for the opportunity to further his career. His experience at the firm has been fantastic so far!

Outside of his love for architecture, Matthew enjoys studying HipHop Kulture, understanding different cultures and philosophies, listening to a wide range of music, exploring and experiencing places and people in and around his life, and always trying to better himself and stay creative and unique.

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