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Nemat Hassanzadah


"Architecture is not just about buildings, it’s a means of improving people’s quality of life."

Nematullah is originally from Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kabul Polytechnic University in 2005. After graduating Nematullah worked for several organizations, most notably the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Kabul and US army projects in Afghanistan.


As a national project architect at IOM, Nematullah was involved in the design of over 20 various sized projects including hospitals, educational facilities, commercial, residential and multifamily projects from initial concept to construction administration and opening ceremony when the building was completed. Beyond completion, he was also involved in the warranty period for 1-2 years of all completed projects.


His experience includes design and construction of projects, site and facility planning and design, renovation, operation and maintenance standards development and cost feasibility studies. He has delivered quality, cost effective products developed through a highly interactive process ranging from initial concept design to design development and contract management and implementation.


He established frequent communication between the stakeholders, including government agencies and end-users, which keeps projects on schedule. This engaged approach has allowed him to spot potential problems and provide solutions proactively.


In addition, he consulted as a volunteer on projects being created as a result of natural disasters. he worked with the government to create temporary homes for people displaced by earthquakes and extreme weather conditions. Being exposed to hardship and loss of this caliber elevated his ability to empathize, which he has carried into his work.


Nematullah got the chance to move to the US in December 2018 with his family. He is married with four children. He enjoys living in Washington and was happy to join Rolluda Architects with such a brilliant team of architects. His hobbies include playing volleyball and football, reading, travelling, and listening to music.

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