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Nestor Marquez

Office Manager | IT 

“Control-Alt-Delete. . .fixes everything!”

Nestor is the “face” of Rolluda Architects, the Director of First Impression. His vibrant nature helps to create the personality of the firm. Nestor is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Not only will you find him greeting visitors and answering busy telephones, he always makes sure each team members’ needs are met.

From administrative and marketing support to computer systems’ operations, his ongoing contributions are what makes RAI’s office run effectively and smoothly.

Outside of work, Nestor enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, and golf…sometimes all in one day!

In addition to being the proverbial weekend sports warrior he also tries to catch as much live music as possible, especially during the summer concert season.

Also important to him is spending time with friends and family, especially Skyping with his nieces and nephew.

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