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Type: Commercial (Restaurant)                           Client: Seattle City Light

Location: Newhalem, WA                                    Project Lead:

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Newhalem Deli

seattle city light

This project involved the reconfiguration of the Newhalem General Store to accommodate a deli and new commercial kitchen. With the consolidation of services and the resulting closing of the Diablo Dining Hall, Seattle City Light needed to provide employees with dining options in this remotely located company town. The retail area of the general store was consolidated to allow the addition of a deli with small dining area and a separate commercial kitchen to handle heavier cooking demands.

Newhalem is the western gateway to the North Cascades, so during the summer months the deli serves hungary tourist on their way to, or way back from their outdoor adventures. During the winter months, when the North Cascades highway closes for the winter, the deli provides food options for the isolated employees of Seattle City Light.

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