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Built Green Infrastructure


Rolluda Architects was the prime contractor to conduct a cost and feasibility assessment for building green infrastructure on NOAA's federally owned 100 acre Sand Point campus. RAI led and coordinated the efforts of the following sub-consultants, coastal engineers, civil engineers, landscape architects and cost estimator. Components of this project included:

Stormwater Treatment - Design and construct green infrastructure to treat Stormwater from the 24 acres of paved and developed surfaces that is currently dumped into Lake Washington untreated.

Shoreline Habitat Restoration - Design and restore a green shoreline to bring the 3,100 feet of degraded Lake Washington shoreline up to NOAA Fisheries Endangered Species Act (ESA) standards.  

Type: Government (Federal)                             Client: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin (NOAA)

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Donn Stone

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