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Mountain View Space Allocation

city of port townsend

The Mountain View Campus Space Allocation Study was an examination of the 1960s-era school now used by the City of Port Townsend and non-profit community service tenants. Current tenants include the Police Department, Food Bank, Jefferson County YMCA, KPTZ Radio, Working Image, Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the Red Cross, and the only public swimming pool in Jefferson County. This creative collaboration between multiple public agencies and non-profits is an efficient reuse of a public building to house critical public safety, safety-net organizations, and reinvestment in the community.

The project scope included overall campus planning, interior space reconfiguration, accessibility improvements, removal of portable, mechanical upgrades, as well as site and parking interventions. RAI’s approach included an Analysis of Existing Conditions, Space Needs Analysis, zoning and building code review generating Campus Layout Options, and Tenant Layout Options. This process involved a continual dialog with tenants as the design team developed options and organization growth projections and workflow needs were defined.

Type: Public Safety                                            Client: City of Port Townsend

Location: Port Townsend, WA                            Project Lead: Rich Murakami

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