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Sea-Tac International Airport Restrooms

port of seattle

The project consists of restroom upgrades in Concourses B, C, and D. RAI, as a subconsultant, provided assessments and is currently working with the prime consultant in the design phase to improve the airport’s restroom aesthetics and accessibility through phased renovations, all taking place in a 24/7/365, occupied, high-use terminal.

The project includes eight sets of men’s, women’s, and family restroom renovations plus four areas of new restroom additions.

While addressing both maintenance and limited space, the design encompasses creativity, innovation, efficiency, sustainability, maintainability, and a Pacific Northwest “sense of place.” The design also considers the ability to extend the maintenance life of restrooms and facilitate future upgrades and additional renovations in ten years.

Amenities will address the universal needs and expectations of travelers including gender-neutral and inclusive restrooms for all; comfort areas for nursing mothers with well-equipped accommodations and/or pods; and service animal/pet relief self-cleaning rooms.

Type: Municipal                                                 Client: Port of Seattle

Location: Seatac, WA                                        Project Lead: Richard Murakami

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