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Fall 2009

Former ECC Students Lead the Project to Rebuild the Ethnic Cultural Center | ViewPoints


Where Students Feel Right at Home

A Seattle Firm, Rolluda Architects, has been awarded the project of rebuilding the ECC and brings special insight to the work. The firm's principal, Alex Rolluda, '89; project manager Sam Cameron, '75; and Sam McPhetres, '99, '07, an intern architect with the firm, bring deep understanding of the project's importance to students. All three were part of the ECC during their years at the UW.


March 2009

Ethnic Cultural Center Expansion Project | UW Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity


Construction on the proposed new facility is scheduled to begin April 2010 and is projected to be completed by August 2011.


The architecture firm hired for the ECC Renovation Project, Rolluda Architects, has a team of former ECC students working on the project. These ECC alumni have returned to help design and rebuild the center to better serve today’s students. They are: Alex Rolluda, '85, '89; Sam Cameron, '73, '75; and Sam McPhetres, '99, '07.

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