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Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center | UW | 360


Get a look inside the new Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center, where they just celebrated their grand re-opening after an extensive remodel.



UW ECC: Coming Home  | The Daily of the University of Washington


The UW Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) opened its doors Friday after three years of planning and construction. The center, located on the corner of Brooklyn Avenue Northeast and Northeast 40th Street, is one of the largest college cultural centers in the United States.



UW Ethnic Cultural Center Grand Opening  | YouTube | Derek Edamura


The Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center has finally re-opened after a long reconstruction process. On January 11th, 2013, the building re-opened to the public and students, alumni, and faculty of the University of Washington celebrated with a lavish ribbon cutting ceremony.

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Light Up The Night: Grand Opening of the ECC  | UW Student Life

The grand opening of the Samuel E. Kelly Ethic Cultural Center's new building.

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Current and Past Students Help Design UW’s New $15M Ethnic Cultural Center | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


"The designers relied extensively on the ideas of students who use it now—and among their suggestions was lots of gathering space, Samuel Cameron said."

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