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Rachelle Abellar

Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer

“I believe good design is community-based and a necessary act of service.”


Rachelle is a Filipino-American designer, community organizer, and body liberation activist who moved from LA to Seattle in 2010 in pursuit of figuring out how to leave a positive impact on the world. Over a decade later, she has gained a diverse background in marketing and editorial design, and her work is informed by her various intersecting identities as well as her commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and community.


She is primarily responsible for proposal design and managing RAI’s social media and online presence. As one of the newer recruits to RAI, Rachelle brings with her a strong desire to create accessible and high-quality content that communicates RAI's vision and core values, as well as enhances print, on-screen, and in-person experiences.


When she’s not busy making things look shiny, she enjoys going to art museums and cat cafes, listening to k-pop, and running an online stationery shop with her best friend.

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