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East Police Precinct

city of seattle

Richard Murakami teamed with the structural engineering firm to accomplish the renovation and structural improvements to this police facility.

The project included renovation of administrative, investigations and patrol areas in addition to upgrading the facility to meet current seismic loading requirements. 


This 38,000 s.f. facility is located in a converted turn of the century auto dealership building, including underground parking. The construction work was accomplished while the police functions remained operational. 


The original work was performed prior to the 2001 Nisqually earthquake. Given the age and construction of the original building, the structure performed well in the earthquake. The damage it did sustain was limited to the southwest corner of the building and is believed to be due to poor subsurface soil conditions. 

Type: Public Safety                                            Client: City of Seattle

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Rich Murakami (while at Arai Jackson                                                                                                                                Ellison Murakami)

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