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Sno Valley Senior Center

sno valley senior center

Richard Murakami was the principal and architect for the project, a multi-phased project that secured CDBG grant funding to complete the renovation of a 80-year-old former bar and restaurant. The scope of work included the infill of the floor of a 2-story space to gain additional multipurpose spaces, the reconfiguration of a large meeting room, and the addition of restroom facilities for the second floor of the building. Future phases include reconfiguration of the lobby to create a more usable space, reconfiguration of the daycare area, the addition of a solarium room to serve as a lounge area and event space, and reconfiguration of the commercial kitchen.

An overall concept was developed that would meet the Client's anticipated future needs. It was then broken down into multiple phases based on priorities. A cost model was developed breaking the costs down with the associated phases. This early cost model was then used as the basis for the design of the initial phase of development.

Design and construction for the project occurred during a period when there was a wide fluctuation in construction costs for public projects. The strategy was to develop a base bid project that would meet the Client's budget and the requirements of their CDBG grant.

Type: Community                                               Client: Sno Valley Senior Center

Location: Carnation, WA                                   Project Lead: Rich Murakami (while at Arai Jackson                                                                                                                                Ellison Murakami)

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