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Type: Public Safety                                            Client: Snohomish County

Location: Snohomish, WA                                  Project Lead: Rich Murakami

News / Press:

South Precinct at Cathcart

snohomish county sheriff

The County is requesting the development of a conceptual design for a new two-story Sheriff precinct at the Cathcart site. This concept will be used to solicit approval from the County Council and, upon approval, to seek potential funding from the State as well as support for a bond measure.

The County has developed a space needs analysis for a new South Precinct for the Sheriff's Office for the Cathcart site. There were three space need options developed for the project scoping exercise, and the County wants this conceptual design effort to be based on the "Add Traffic Division" option, which projects a space need for a 23,529 sf building. The conceptual design will include floor plan layouts for the given program, site plan layouts, and conceptual renderings that will convey the character of the building to build excitement and momentum to move the project forward.

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