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Soos Creek Lift Station.jpg

Soos Creek Lift Station

soos creek water & sewer district

Rolluda Architects was the architectural consultant on this Lift Station (LS-46) project, one of three capital construction projects the District was undertaking to address its wastewater conveyance needs in the City of Covington. LS-46 provides service to the Town Center area of Covington.

Rolluda Architects participated in programming sessions with the stakeholders. The design team worked jointly with the Water and Sewer District integrating the facility into the entrance of the City and the surrounding neighborhoods.

RAI provided design development and construction documents, including plans, elevations, and specifications. We also provided the necessary documents for the permit application.

Type: Municipal                                                 Client: Soos Creek Water & Sewer District

Location: Covington, WA                                   Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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