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Lynnwood Link 130th Street Infill Station

sound transit

RAI participated in the preliminary design of the ST LLE 130th Street Infill Station. The 130th Infill Station was added to the LLE line as part of the ST3 funding package. It is an aerial station with side platform configuration and is designed to fit into the previously designed LLE track alignment. The station is a steel-framed structure with glazed and metal-clad stair/elevator enclosures, porcelain enamel clad metal ticket vending kiosks, and a metal-clad ancillary structure. Escalators and elevators provide access to the platform level from ground level, where the ticket vending lobbies are located.

RAI's role involved design and production support in the evaluation of design options as well as QC/QA services. RAI participated in four preliminary design charrettes with ST, the City of Seattle, KC Metro, HNTB, LMN and other stakeholders; was involved in the development of studies as part of the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) and Fire Access review; and provided input/feedback on estimated project services/utilization.

The project required an understanding of ST's design and production processes including ST's Design Criteria Manual ("DCM" - version 5), QC/QA procedures, and ST CAD/BIM standards.

The preliminary engineering design package is currently under review by ST. 

Type: Transportation                                          Client: Sound Transit

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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