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Fiber Arts Studio

the evergreen state college

Rolluda Architects provided architectural and engineering consulting services for this new Fiber Arts Studio, a landmark feature of the Indigenous Arts Campus.


The building serves as the weaving studio and dye lab for the Longhouse’s Native Arts Program, and provides cross cultural art experiences of coastal Salish and Maori art forms. The new building has approximately 2,100 square foot of interior space and 800 square feet of outdoor meeting space. The log and wood framed building features a roof shaped like an upside-down canoe with oars (log outriggers) that spreads out to concrete plinth footings. 

The design was coordinated with Maori woodcarver Lyonel Grant’s vision of the integration of the Salish and Maori cultures. Recessed into the floor of the studio is a sand-blasted granite "salmon egg", which represents the life force of the building. 

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Type: Higher Education+ Cultural                     Client: The Evergreen State College

Location: Olympia, WA                                      Project Lead: Susan Neaton

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