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The Boeing Company

Rolluda Architects has completed more than 575 projects for The Boeing Company since 2002, ranging in construction costs from $50,000 to $52,000,000. These projects include new office and production facilities, renovations to existing facilities, infrastructure systems upgrades, seismic studies and refits, life safety upgrades, and build-outs of office spaces, warehouses, labs and production and assembly facilities.

We have developed a strong working relationship with The Boeing Company by providing excellent customer service while developing creative, practical and affordable design solutions. Here are a few examples of our work for Boeing:

Everett Plant
777 Vertical Fin Paint Booth | 767 Support Areas | Building 40-32 Hangar Door
777 ASM Paint Booth | Building 40-56 IRC Re-Arrangement

Renton Plant
M&PT Relocation | Wellness Center | Store Relocation | Line 2 Build-Out
Security Upgrades to Office Spaces | PCA Canopy Build-Out
737 Flight Simulator Training Facility | 737 Wing Assembly Line & Machine Shops

Office Remodel/Upgrades
Bellevue Technology Campus | Building 40-25 SI
Buildings 4-81/82, 10-16 Export Compliance (ITAR)

Earthquake Assessment and Repairs
North Boeing Field | Developmental Center | Plant 2 | South Park
Kent Space Center | Spares Distribution Center | Thompson Site

Plant 2, Building 2-22 Seismic Upgrades and Renovation
North Boeing Field, Buildings 3-800/3-801 Skybridge Seismic Retrofit

Kent Space Center, Building 18-24 BP7 NCO NSIF Facility Mod Design
Kent Space Center, Building 18-61 North/South Integration Labs
Building 18-61 AEW&C APLL 3 Lab Build-Out


Kent Space Center, Building 18-03 Fire/Security Offices Consolidation
Developmental Center, Building 9-53 Dallas Project
Renton Plant, Buildings 4-81/82 and 10-16 Export Compliance (ITAR)
South Park, Building 15-20 Security and Fire Protection Offices and Dispatch and Maintenance Equipment Operation Dispatch Relocation

Air Compressor Installation
North Boeing Field

Thermal Spray Facility Relocation
South Park

Simulator room upgrades at Longacres.JPG
Boeing Skybridge Interior.jpg

Type: Industrial + Aerospace                               Client: The Boeing Company

Location: Puget Sound (various locations)          Project Lead: Eric Cranston

News / Press:
Best in State: Gold Award for Originality/Innovation

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