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Type: Industrial + Aerospace                               Client: The Boeing Company

Location: Puget Sound (various locations)          Project Lead: Eric Cranston

News / Press:
Best in State: Gold Award for Originality/Innovation

The Boeing Company

Rolluda Architects has completed more than 575 projects for The Boeing Company since 2002, ranging in construction costs from $50,000 to $52,000,000. These projects include new office and production facilities, renovations to existing facilities, infrastructure systems upgrades, seismic studies and refits, life safety upgrades, and build-outs of office spaces, warehouses, labs and production and assembly facilities.

We have developed a strong working relationship with The Boeing Company by providing excellent customer service while developing creative, practical and affordable design solutions. Here are a few examples of our work for Boeing:

Everett Plant
777 Vertical Fin Paint Booth | 767 Support Areas | Building 40-32 Hangar Door
777 ASM Paint Booth | Building 40-56 IRC Re-Arrangement

Renton Plant
M&PT Relocation | Wellness Center | Store Relocation | Line 2 Build-Out
Security Upgrades to Office Spaces | PCA Canopy Build-Out
737 Flight Simulator Training Facility | 737 Wing Assembly Line & Machine Shops

Office Remodel/Upgrades
Bellevue Technology Campus | Building 40-25 SI
Buildings 4-81/82, 10-16 Export Compliance (ITAR)

Earthquake Assessment and Repairs
North Boeing Field | Developmental Center | Plant 2 | South Park
Kent Space Center | Spares Distribution Center | Thompson Site

Plant 2, Building 2-22 Seismic Upgrades and Renovation
North Boeing Field, Buildings 3-800/3-801 Skybridge Seismic Retrofit

Kent Space Center, Building 18-24 BP7 NCO NSIF Facility Mod Design
Kent Space Center, Building 18-61 North/South Integration Labs
Building 18-61 AEW&C APLL 3 Lab Build-Out


Kent Space Center, Building 18-03 Fire/Security Offices Consolidation
Developmental Center, Building 9-53 Dallas Project
Renton Plant, Buildings 4-81/82 and 10-16 Export Compliance (ITAR)
South Park, Building 15-20 Security and Fire Protection Offices and Dispatch and Maintenance Equipment Operation Dispatch Relocation

Air Compressor Installation
North Boeing Field

Thermal Spray Facility Relocation
South Park

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