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Jackson Federal Building VA

us general services administration

The project involved the relocation of two Veteran Administration departments onto the 33rd floor of the Jackson Federal Building. In order to meet the established tight budget of $400,000, we worked with our cost estimator to develop a rough order of magnitude construction estimate, which included all the various disciplines (M/E/S) so that right away we had a grasp of where the costs would be incurred. During the design process we updated our cost estimate at 100% design development, then 30% 90% and final submittals. At 100% design development submittal or cost estimate indicated that we were over budget by 5%.

In order to get the project back within budget, we investigated areas where the two departments could share space, investigated reconfiguration of partition locations to reuse as much of the existing infrastructure as possible, and also to look at the reuse and relocation of existing furniture. At the 30% CD phase the cost estimate showed we were within budget. At our project kick-off meeting with the stakeholder representatives and the Owner's project manager, we developed a preliminary schedule which incorporated research and due diligence periods, review times, face-to-face meetings with the stakeholders, site investigations, and design presentations to the client.

In order to accommodate the rapidly changing construction and bidding climate, we communicated directly with product manufacturers to determine the best products to specify that met or exceeded the performance and quality standards of GSA. We also provided the Owner with design and material options with associated construction estimates so the team could determine priorities of what should stay or be eliminated from the project.

Type: Government (Federal)                             Client: U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Alex Rolluda

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