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Veil Restaurant
private ownership

For this project, the clients wanted to create a dining experience that wasn’t available in the Seattle area. Their specific ideas involved the use of unique, minimalist, contemporary styles that are uncommon to the city of Seattle—an experience of intrigue and discovery through design treatments that echoed the idea of translucency and the notion of things being semi-obscured.


The window treatment is a double layer of shear fabric panels staggered along the large storefront windows with concealed lighting fixtures mounted between them to create alternating levels of transparency. The coved ceiling with concealed lighting at the entry creates the illusion of a high ceiling, giving a visual depth to the space. The waiting area has a “peek-a-boo” slit to the dining communal table, to draw patrons’ expectation to the dining experiences while they are waiting.

The communal dining table is designed to accommodate a large party, or several smaller parties with a goal of generating conversations. The small main dining room is separated from the communal table by shear fabric panels and from the kitchen by translucent fiberglass panels with a honeycomb core. White sheetrock walls and ceiling, white solid surface table tops, and cream-colored banquet seating are bathed in a warm glow of indirect light.


The restrooms were a critical element of the design.They are situated in a prominent location immediately behind the reception desk and are enclosed with a floor-to-ceiling translucent glass wall. Frameless glass doors with simple hardware finish the clean minimalist look.


The lounge is an entirely different experience. Booth seating has high-back upholstered walls to feel warm, though nearly everything in the space is white. The bar shelf is back-lit to enhance transparent colors of liquor bottles.


Type: Commercial (Restaurant)                         Client: Private Ownership

Location: Seattle, WA                                        Project Lead: Rich Murakami (while at Arai Jackson                                                                                                                                      Ellison Murakami)

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