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Rainier School Master Plan

washington state dshs

Rolluda Architects identified the long-term needs of the campus facilities. We evaluated existing facilities to determine their ability to appropriately implement the programmatic and preservation long-term needs. We then developed a plan to systematically coordinate all capital projects as the facility transitions over the next 10-20 years.

This long-range plan will guide the institution, the administration and the legislature in all future capital and operational budget planning and allocations. RAI Assessed the existing buildings and infrastructure and reviewed existing and emerging program activities. The planning process explores options for future campus operations and guides decisions about which buildings and areas of campus have long-term usefulness and which may be excess to current and future program needs. The planning team documented its findings in narrative and graphic reports for future reference and campus management.

Deliverables: Demographics analysis (space needs); Alternative Facilities Plan Development; Master Plan Report and Community Engagement.

Type: Government (State)                                 Client: Washington State DSHS

Location: Buckley, WA                                       Project Lead: Richard Murakami

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